The United Kingdom is considered the popular and globally accepted study destination for immigrant students around the world. They mostly chose the UK for their higher education or short-term course degrees just because of the quality and the cultural aspects of the lifestyle.

However, getting assistance from a professional visa expert will not only simplify your visa application process but also ensure an offer letter from one of the esteemed UK universities and management of your living cost.

3 Major Types Of UK Study Visa

Depending upon the duration and chosen program, your UK student visa is primarily divided into 3 major types, and before even starting to plan you need to know about these first in the first place.

Short-Term Visa Type

It is for those students who wish to take short-term courses up to 11 months and it will also cover your spoken English or any other part-time programs.

Tier 4 Visa Type (General Student Visa)

This is a standard type of student visa where one wishes to complete his/her higher education in the UK which is going to be a full-time course.

Child Visa Category

Children between 4 to 17 years old belong to this category where anyone could opt for studying in one of the UK-recognized schools supported by the guardian.

Is It Easy To Get A UK Student Visa?

It is not common for anyone to get his UK study visa rejected. However, cases have been seen where either failure to get sponsorship or having a casual approach might lead to rejections or even worse bans for future applications.

However, hiring a professional visa consultant will help you avoid such circumstances and maximize your chances of getting a UK study visa.

Basic Requirements And Eligibilities

Though, applying for a study visa involves two primary stages:

Document Submission

This is where one needs to upload all the documents including ID proof and biometric details on the website. Also, you are required to submit all your banking and academic records in order to fulfill your educational and financial eligibility.

The Interview Round

After document approval, you need to schedule a specific date and time for the visa interview process. It is for analyzing your command of English communication skills and your purpose behind choosing the UK as a study destination.

 Other Requirements Such As;

  • Obtaining a minimum of 5.5 bands in your IELTS exam based on your selected course and university.
  • Relevant Financial evidence that covers your course fee and living costs.
  • Strong Academic Records with no gap in between.
  • Health certificates (Tuberculosis Tests)
  • Having a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter approved by one of the recognized universities in the UK.

Possible Reasons For UK Study Visa Rejection

Your UK student visa might get rejected due to these possible reasons:

Incomplete or Misleading Documents Uploaded

If you fail to meet the requirements in the visa documentation stage, they might reject your application.

Low IELTS Score

The score will partly depend on the university you are applying for and the UK embassy's immigration rules.

Loopholes In Academic Background

Backlogs or low marks can lead to visa rejection as they are one of the foundational eligibilities with respect to a study visa.

Poor Performance In Interview

Through the interview process, the consulates want to know your purpose and intentions behind selecting the UK as your study place failing to which results in application denial.

Any Prior Rejections

Before even document approval, they will check the possibility of any prior rejections and if they found one then this should be non-negotiable.

How Will A Consultant Help You In Acquiring A UK Study Visa?

A visa consultant will support you throughout your entire visa process by taking every detail into account and reevaluating the profile multiple times. In simple terms;

Focusing On Each Stage Of The Visa Process

A visa consultant will go through each stage and match your profile.

Interview Preparation And Scheduling

They will also get your interview scheduled and prepared.

In-Depth Analysis Of The University And Program

The protocol is to research the university and the course before moving into the next steps.

Admission And Offer Letter Approval

They will support you in getting valid sponsorship approved from your target university.

Financial Planning And Management

Consultations also include financial planning and management that covers your living costs and tuition fees.


Getting a UK study visa requires a lot of prior research and planning, at least 6 months before your course will start. However, if you are taking advice from a professional visa consultant, you don't need to take a lot of stress and burden related to the process and requirements as they will be with you the entire time.